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We are book editors Carly Hayward and Jeni Chappelle, and we put ourselves through the arduous tasks of picking movies. And then watching the movies. And then thinking and talking about the movies. Not to mention the popcorn.

All for you and your story. We know—we sacrifice so much…

Every month we watch a different movie with an eye for storytelling and novel writing. Then we use our training and years of experience editing novels to break down different storytelling elements to help you improve your novel-in-progress.

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"Short version: Story Chat Radio is amazing, and everyone should listen.

Long version: Jeni and Carly provide insightful commentary that is both thought provoking and inspiring. Their understanding of storytelling is masterful, and I love that they use movies to help improve novel writing.

It's so refreshing to find people that are uplifting with their advice. People who can critique without condescension are rare, but Jeni and Carly nail it EVERY time as they offer their thoughts in a way that encourages authors to be better while also reassuring them of their ability to so."

-Neha Das

Carly Hayward

CARLY HAYWARD is a developmental novel editor who helps authors find their voice and bring their book to light. With 10+ years in publishing, she’s worked all over the industry, including at a big 5 publishing house, a small press, and a literary agency. She is a co-founding Revise & Resub (#RevPit) editor as well as an EFA member. Editing combines her love of reading, giving advice, and logic puzzles. When not reading or working she lounges with her husband being vastly amused by their cats or binge-watching TV.

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Jeni Chappelle

JENI CHAPPELLE is a freelance novel editor with ten years’ experience, co-founding editor and board member for Revise & Resub (#RevPit) and member of AWP, EFA, and ACES. She also co-hosts another podcast, Indie Chicks. Jeni loves working with authors of all levels to shape their stories and bring their books out into the world. She considers herself a hobbit (minus the big, hairy feet) and lives in a tiny town near Charlotte, NC with her family and way too many pets.

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Sometimes playful, sometimes serious, always educational and inspirational! Story Chat Radio is easily in my “top 10 list of best podcasts for creative writers.” Amid witty banter, the hosts take a deep dive to deconstruct popular films like The Princess Bride, Get Out, Up, and Parasite. Each episode focuses on a story element like structure, theme, antiheroes, tension, or symbolism. As a bonus, they also include an on-air critique of an author-submitted query or blurb. I find my writing becoming stronger every time I listen to another show. This podcast couldn’t be more perfect for aspiring authors.

-Richelle Renae

Story Chat Radio is the editor-hosted show that I've been looking for. Writing advice can often be too daunting to retain, but Carly and Jeni's approach makes learning about writing techniques very easy. Movies offer a place of reference where the techniques are clear to see. Then, Jeni and Carly's humor and high level of expertise make their explanations easy to follow. The topics they cover are broad but they pick apart each facet of the subject, offering a ton of wisdom and actionable steps to master the technique. It's a perfect mix of fun and knowledgeable advice.

-Tiffany Lewis

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